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SF School Board Votes to Wipe Off 44 School Names

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CNN’s Don Lemon Wants Your Beliefs Cancelled

As if it is not obvious that CNN already is a tool of left-wing partisanship, Don Lemon further stoked more division on his program “Tonight” by stating all Trump supporters have no right to be involved in politics or to speak their minds out. Mr. Lemon has made his segments a propaganda piece for theContinue Reading

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Biden Insists on Keeping Away from Impeachment Trial

President Biden asserted once again his hands-off position concerning the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. When asked by reporters on his thoughts relating to the upcoming trial, Biden just stated, “Let the Senate work that out.” Biden’s unwillingness to give much thought into the matter (at least if we take the president’s words at faceContinue Reading

SF School Board Votes to Wipe Off 44 School Names

The San Francisco School Board has committed itself not to helping children in the ongoing Chinese virus problem or to provide more materials for its low-income students, but instead it has placed forth its resources to…and this is the best part…renaming schools. That’s right. The school board has voted to rename 44 schools with namesContinue Reading

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Biden Just Killed Jobs in a Matter of Days

President Joe Biden, who has slammed Trump on his job record, just killed more jobs at the expense of the American worker. Biden has shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, costing the workforce 11,000 jobs directly and over 60,000 jobs indirectly. Biden did not even offer an explanation as to why his administration decided toContinue Reading

Antifa Wreaks Havoc on Seattle and Portland

Hours after Biden’s inauguration as president, about 200 Antifa members went on a hell storm in Portland, Oregon. Keep in mind that Biden has categorized Antifa as an “idea” and not an actual organization and has neglected the chaos and violence they have inflicted as well. Yet their actions have time and again proven thatContinue Reading

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Censoring in Social Media Will Only Exacerbate Chaos

As people egg on the giants of social media to deplatform and silence accounts mostly, if not all, associated with the right, we must stop to reflect what in the world this means in the long run. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey suggested that this silencing is not tantamount to censoring since it is targeting violent speechContinue Reading

Mike Pompeo has set the trap, will Biden fall for it?

As the final moments in Trump’s presidency are coming to an end, the administration is currently setting several “traps” for the upcoming Biden/Harris administration. One of the Trump administration setups set up is lifting self-imposed restrictions with the Taiwan government, which has infuriated China’s communist party. With this move, the United States has moved closerContinue Reading

Another “Progressive” Politician Forgets She Was Part of a So-Called “Insurrection”

Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant (a self-declared, unrepentant Socialist) has blasted protesters in Washington D.C. who were present at the Capitol this week as violent and horrific. She tweeted the following on January 7th, 2021: “The far-right mob that took over the Capitol never would have gotten past the front door if federal police hadn’tContinue Reading

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