third and final Presidential Debate trump vs. biden

The third and final debate just finished between President Donald Trump and former Vice president Joe Biden, and it was a refreshing reminder of what a debate should be. It was a punch-for-punch-style debate where Joe Biden came in with some callous responses to Donald Trumps’ response to Covid-19 and some of the systemic injustices we currently have in our country. Donald Trump seemed to tone it down since the disastrous first debate but did not hold back by directly attacking Joe Biden instead of fighting the moderator like in the previous debate. He came fast and hard at Joe Biden, which often made the former Vice President look down at his notes. 

Would Joe Biden/Kamala Harris’ administration ban fracking?

The ban on fracking has been a hot button issue for the people located in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and New Mexico. During the CNN climate crisis town hall on September 9th, 2019, Kamala was asked her fracking stance. She replied, “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.” Of course, the question on fracking was asked again today, and Biden said a blatant lie when confronted by Trump about his fracking comments. That was a well-placed trap by the president in which Joe Biden fell for the hook line and sinker. There have been multiple videos of Biden admitting he will ban fracking. Joe Bidens’ ultimate problem was to challenge Trump to post a video as evidence. Trump’s social media team jumped right on the opportunity to show the country the blatant lies Biden has been spewing throughout the election campaign.


Also, during the July 31, 2019 Democratic debate, Biden said, “No, we would, we would work it out” when asked about the question of fracking. This further proves that Mr. Biden has long made up his mind about what he really wants when it comes to fracking. Now, of course, with the elections looming overhead, it seems he is in favor of everything.

Would this be the final blow Trump needed to solidify the votes of the millions of families that depend on the oil industry?

One can easily state that this might just be the tip of the iceberg on a year-long fight for the heart of the White House. However, giving the entire victory to the president might underestimate the poll numbers on the side of Biden. Biden’s strongholds in the big cities of the country alongside new voters might give him an edge. Trump’s strong showing in the midwest might just give the president a boost as well. At this point, the question is up for grabs. Trump, though, did make a better presentation than Biden.

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