Civil war is looming in the Pacific northwest

Antifa militant marching in Washington

People are prepping for the worst come November 4th, the day after the election. A word that gets thrown around a lot by conspiracy theorists and recently regular civilians is civil war. If we take a step back, the talks about a civil war have been looming for quite a while but only intensified as Trump cut Bidens lead to just a couple of points in national polls. There is no other place in the country where this is slowly becoming a reality than Seattle, Wahington, and Portland, Oregon. Bands of left-wing anarchists run rampant in the city after organizing on various Twitter pages. One of the upcoming far-left rallies organized by Antifa is set to take place on Halloween night in Irving Park, Oregon. In recent weeks, Antifa has been very vocal about not wanting any press at their events except for sympathizing press jokingly called “useful idiots.”
The Pacific North West has been the primary point of talk in many political groups around the county. Far-Left political violence has been on the rise at an alarming pace. For the past 128 days and counting, protest later turned riots have been non-stop. As businesses are forced to fly the anarchist flag to prevent violence against their personal property and businesses, the anarchist has announced to expect a week of violence to protest the election results. Unfortunately, most people who do not strongly identify with a political party will be the ones that suffer the most during the siege to the city.
Antifa has been the talking point of various conservative media sites such as the controversial FoxNews and The New York Post in recent weeks. Joe Biden’s biggest mistake in the first “debate,” if we can even call it a debate, was to refer to Antifa as an idea. The thousands of innocent civilians that have been not only targeted but physically attacked by the far-leftist in recent weeks. As videos come out of their despicable acts, Antifa has been forced to take on the independent journalist that dare to talk ill about them. But like in every war in human history, the innocent people are the ones that suffer the most. In the suburbs of Seattle and Portland, residents feel like they have been pushed aside from this ideological war. Who do you support? Who does my neighbor align with? Private citizens are once again being pinned against one another. Unfortunately, after the American Civil War, the promise to never raise our hands against each other might be broken after the election on November 3rd.

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