The Socialist Rifle Association: A Brief Profile

The idea of a communist militia or a Nazi militia complete with private compounds for training is absurd. This can probably be relegated to the 1980’s or 1990’s, with the rise of militant groups after Little Rock or Waco. Today, though, we do not really take much into consideration militia groups since the media takes them as a joke. That is where the problem lies, taking such groups as mere jokes. The group we would like the reader to focus on now is the Socialist Rifle Association, or SRA.

The SRA is found in 52 chapters and it appears to be operating in 33 states. It is incorporated as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Head to their Twitter and Instagram pages and you will find pictures littered with gun paraphernalia and symbols of communism. You will be surprised to even see photographs glorifying East Germany. With a store that sells Soviet-style propaganda posters and patches and online publications on how to handle an AR-15, you need to stop and wonder what kind of goal this organization really has in mind. They claim that they do not exactly have a leadership body, yet their activities online make it look like they are following orders from people.

What is their main goal, their endgame? Why have they appeared time and again at Antifa gatherings instigating violence? We will discuss these questions in subsequent articles. First, let’s take a visual look at their sites.

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