Trump Moves on From Florida, Shifts Spending to Other Areas.

As election time comes closer, both presidential candidates are throwing it their all at the boxing ring. An interesting development yesterday was Trump’s shifting of advertisement resources from Florida to the industrial norther parts of the United States.[1] Trump has given the job of campaigning to the Republican National Committee in order to place funding on those states that gave him the victory back in 2016. The Trump campaign is placing an emphasis on Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, cutting more than $5 million from the budget that was supposed to go into Florida.

One reason for this move was given by the Trump campaign, adding that Florida, although tied between the two candidates, will be giving the president his victory in that state. Trump’s overconfidence in Florida’s compliance, however, is alarming. In today’s climate and with only two more weeks left of campaigning, the president should really be looking at the possibility of maybe losing Florida. The national polls have shown every day an alarming volatility rate, with one day shifting towards Biden, and another towards Trump, making a safe conclusion impossible.

According to Bloomberg news, Trump has slashed $24 million from the national ad budget while Biden has added a whopping $197 million. It is becoming clear now that while the president keeps slashing his budget for ad campaigns, his opponent is only increasing the budget more and more. Could this constant slashing give an insight into the Trump campaigns overconfidence? The president has shown, at least externally, a clear conviction that he will win. These numbers could mean that Trump could be throwing out the window ad campaigns in the hopes that his face will be shown everywhere anyways. For the Trump campaign to let the RNC assume the costs of ad campaigning in Florida can only mean the president’s undermining of the shifting tide that might arise soon if he lets his guard down against an opponent that is fundraising money at unprecedented levels.


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