Coronavirus Update: The U.S. Has Hit More Than 9 Million Cases of COVID

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

The United States has surpassed the 9 million mark in Covid-19 cases.[1] On Wednesday, 966 deaths were reported due to Covid-19. In total, there has been 230,000 deaths in the U.S., the highest number in the world so far.

In California, the state has shot through the roof with 912,000 Covid-19 cases.[2] As a result, Governor Gavin Newsom has decreed new orders for the Thanksgiving holiday. Guests, according to the new order, should gather outside and wash hands constantly. Also, loud noises are discouraged.

In New Mexico, 1,000 Covid-19 cases have been recorded. With 2,000 new cases in Colorado, one must question what exactly is going on. Is the Trump administration at fault for this widespread increase in coronavirus cases, or are the people themselves to blame? Perhaps we can even blame the states themselves.

Regarding the question of controlling Covid-19, the country is in disarray. Whether the reader decides to blame one side or the other, taking control of the present situation begins by taking responsibility, which neither Democrats nor Republicans have done. The White House does seem at times to be out of touch with the scientific community. We need to recognize, though, that even if a Democratic president were in power, the odds of having controlled or eradicated the virus would have been the same we are seeing now, nearly nonexistent. Covid-19 struck the country and the world by surprise and we barely even know anything about how it works.

The American people deserve a straight answer and straight solutions. So far, even the Biden campaign has failed to do so.



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