Trump and Biden Go Head to Head Today

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

In what appears to be an endless struggle of the century, President Trump will be campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin while the former vice-president, Mr. Biden, will head to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa for one of the last-ditch appearances to convince voters. Mr. Biden seems confident he will be able to win states that could carry him to victory come November 3. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are the states in play during this campaign trail.

In Florida, both candidates did not appear too confident about the poll results. The tie between them only exacerbates the uncertainty of were the results will land. Trump, although he pulled out much money for campaigning from Florida into other states, still found it prudent enough to show up in Tampa, where his opponent was set to campaign at the same time. Mr. Trump also made much of a deal about the strong numbers in the economy, although he spent only 5 minutes talking about it. On the other side of the ring, Biden struck the president with the usual emphasis on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Biden also tried to make a case with Latinos using human rights issues. Biden stated Trump will not be able to advance human rights issues in Cuba and Venezuela since Trump himself has praised dictators.

Chit chat from both candidates aside, both candidates are already making last attempts at getting a hold of moderate and undecisive voters. This segment of the voter population is the most vulnerable, and both campaigns know this. How the campaigns decide to frame issues with this segment of voters (probably the most important segment) within the next few days remaining until election time will be interesting to see.

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