Trump Rally in San Diego Shut Down Over the Weekend

A rally for President Donald Trump was held in San Diego yesterday, Sunday. To be exact, 2 rallies were held in the county.[1] The first one took place in San Diego bay, with a boat parade being showcased. The boats carried flags and signs in support of the president.

The second rally consisted of about 100 cars traveling through Riverside County and ending in Temecula at the Ronald Reagan Sports Park.[2] The complex is located next to the Temecula Community Recreation Center, which happens to be a voting location.

Although the rally was largely peaceful with no violent incidents, law enforcement received calls from voters complaining that the rally participants were violating the 100-foot electioneering rule. Law enforcement, however, reported that rally members kept their distance from the voting location.

For the most part, Trump supporters in California have shown restraint. On Saturday, a Beverly Hills Trump rally turned out to be peaceful as well. As we grow closer to November 3, expect to see more rallies.



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