Welcome to the New Age of Politics

Edu Bayer for The New York Times

Joseph Biden, Joe Biden, Joe, President-Elect Biden clearly has won the election race. As much as staunch Republicans and conservatives would like to think there is a major shot at placing the current President on top through lawsuits, the truth is that the conclusion to all this debacle is clear. President Trump has lost the 2020 election. Even if Biden’s win has brought a sigh of relief, the American people must brace itself for a wave of new uncertainty at the national and local level. This political fight is ongoing and, as when the United States was founded, will forever define us.

Most people believe the new incoming president will have a mandate from the American populace. The reality is far beyond what the mainstream media would like us to believe. Looking only at the map of the elections and the numbers, we can see a divide unlike any other in recent elections of the past. This division is unfortunate for many reasons. Yes, there must be a division for one candidate to win or lose, but this division tells a different story. The extreme partisanship and ideological obsession are unprecedented. The intensity of the divide is extreme. The right and left has morphed into not just something you bring to an outside table, but something that you need to drill into people’s head. No longer is being neutral enough, you must be on either side or you would be considered a coward. A culture change is in the air. One that affects our lifestyle, how we think, how we react, how we act.

This division has created an atmosphere of politics that are borderline militant, if not militant already. The mainstream media, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, you name it, will not cover this fully. For CNN it is a world of right and wrong. Their right is the correct one. Vice versa, FOX, same thing. This political militancy we are speaking about brings back memories of the Cold War. On one side we have the left militias/parties/organizations threatening to destabilize what they consider an entrenched establishment and uprooting and overturning concepts and ideas to fit their mode of thinking. Think 1984. On the other side we have right militias and organizations with the goal of “restoring” values and the greatness of the country, free of the threat of communism and political correctness. Whatever nonsense these opposing parties are spewing, the American people should not underestimate the power and attractiveness of these ideas. Some politicians inside Capitol Hill are already flirting with such ideas and siding with these organizations, at least on an unofficial level. Take Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, for example, and her remarks embracing these types of divisive ideas.[1] Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, like any other politician, feels the need to fix the country from perceived or real enemies and problems. Rationally, most political leaders feel that need. Yet, her rhetoric in political matters has often proven to sow divisions. Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar (who has provided more than her share of seemingly anti-Semitic comments), Rashida Tlaib, and others are proof of this partisan rhetoric infecting the country and moving the mechanisms of militancy. Antifa did not create itself out of nowhere. The now defunct Tea Party either. These organizations came out of the suppressed sentiments in the country. Sentiments that, let us face it, the majority are inclined to follow, but their civilized intuition tells them not to. At the same time, the majority just want peace. They want rational policies, not policies that create a cultural revolution (which is what the far left and right wants to begin with).

Biden is right in saying this election was a “battle for the soul of the nation”. There is one problem, Biden is not the victor here. No one is the victor. The “soul of the nation” is, unfortunately, rotten to its core. Biden and Harris’ see the “soul” in different ways and will want to get to it in manners that will anger over half of Americans, satisfy the other part, and totally disappoint the remaining. No, this country will never do politics the same way as it has. Barack Obama’s tenure, put it simply, was the last normalcy in politics we will ever see.

[1] https://www.newsweek.com/progressives-outraged-biden-ally-john-kasich-warns-democrats-far-left-1545784

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