$800 Worth of Governor Newsom’s Hypocrisy

Remember when California’s virtual dictator Newsom pretty much said no to celebrating Thanksgiving because of coronavirus concerns? Well, now it seems Mr. Newsom himself is not in the mood or simply got tired of following his own rules.

California’s progressive governor has been caught breaking his number one rule for his fellow citizens, “Thou shalt not congregate.” The governor was seen attending a party at the lavish French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley. The importance of the occasion? To celebrate his friend, Jason Kinney, on his 50th birthday.

Oh, what a wonderful thing to do for a friend, attend his party. There is, however, a small problem. According to the governor, these types of parties, parties attended by people outside one’s family, are revolting and deter the containment of Covid-19.

What is the ticket price per person to enter this restaurant? A whopping $800. Seriously, you tell people to only meet with family and no one else, yet you are over here spending $800 to basically break your own rules you impose on others.

Kinney’s best friend at Axiom Advisors, Molly Weedn, came to the great defensive stance by saying the 12-person party was just between friends. To top it off, Weedn stated it was “small” and “intimate”. How convenient, Mr. Governor. The rest of us get to be beaten down by you.

Also, how many businesses have gone under the rug because they cannot afford to open thanks to your restrictions, Mr. Governor? Yeah, I thought so, a lot. Yet this high-end French Laundry restaurant can open its doors to a bunch of your little rich buddies to break the rules?

This Thanksgiving let us flip the finger off for once for this clown we have in Sacramento.

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