Biden to Announce More Members of his Administration Today, Tuesday

Photo by , AP

Joe Biden is set to come forth today with new names to add to the White House roster in his capacity as president-elect.

Jen O’Malley, Biden’s campaign manager, has been tapped to become the deputy chief of staff to the president-elect. Rep. Cedric L. Richmond has been selected to take charge of public outreach. Steve Ricchetti is expected to be named counselor to the president, a role similar to Jared Kushner’s or Kellyane Conway’s. These three will likely become the president’s right-hand people.

Mr. Biden has been under pressure recently to dole out cabinet and general administration jobs to people with different backgrounds and ethnicities. This is a similar scenario to that of Barack Obama’s dilemma when he was president-elect. As a result, though, we may see more rifts and conflicts between competing parties and individuals.

These three appointments suggest something also like President Donald Trump’s. The fact that both place high importance on loyalty. Rep. Richmond, of all three, brings the most experience and contacts from the House of Representatives into the White House. Jen O’ Malley has helped the former vice-president navigate the presidential campaign in times of Covid-19. Mr. Racchetti is an experienced lobbyist, mainly helping pharmaceutical companies (companies that Mr. Trump has fought against).

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