Pro-Trump Demonstrators Rain Down on DC, But Media Fails to Cover It


Peaceful demonstrators went into Washington DC this past Saturday in support of President Donald Trump. Peaceful, yes, but as with protests nowadays there are always those that present themselves to cause trouble in the name of their respective ideologies.

The D.C. police arrested 21 people, some on gun charges. Plus, four police officers were injured, and one person was stabbed, thankfully not fatally.

The demonstrators in favor of the president claimed the election was rigged and stolen. The violence sparked as the march went from Freedom Plaza to the outside of the Supreme Court building. The fights ensued, with police struggling to keep up.

The chief of police for D.C., Peter Newsham, stated that both the president’s supporters and those on the far left came from both outside and inside the D.C. area. Mr. Newsham said the police moved rapidly to place themselves in between the protesters to keep the clashing from becoming more violent. Members of the far-left group, according to footage, battered down on the pro-Trump demonstrators, prompting a response from the pro-Trump camp.[1]

There was media coverage, but not the type of coverage this matter deserved. Even CNN took it as something light, which is odd considering they usually cover these protests with much intensity. We are seeing a pattern where the left-leaning media covers more rallies that are organized by, well, left-leaning groups more. Matter of fact, they spend days covering it if there was a stabbing (as in this case) or a shooting, or a simple street fight. In this case, none. But so it happens that the right-leaning media does the same maneuver. Both the left and right media networks only intensify a story of a rally when it is convenient. Time and again, you, the reader, must have noticed this somehow.

For how much longer will the media do these maneuvers? No one really seems to be complaining, so they will continue doing it. The news networks know these feelings are repressed, primarily because of people’s insatiable appetite for information convenient to them and their knowing blindness to the fact that these networks are biased. The news networks take advantage of the fact that at the end of the day we need to eat, we need to pay bills, and, therefore, all we care about is our day-to-day modus operandi. What happens around us might be a tragedy of immense proportions, but as long as it does not reach our doorstep, we are fine. Meanwhile, the major networks keep dividing us.


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