California’s Hypocrite Imposes New Restrictions to Battle Covid-19

Photo by Rich Pedroncelli | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered on Thursday that California enter a period of yet another lockdown to stop the increase in coronavirus cases.

Ironically, this order comes from the man who broke the very rules he has been preaching this whole time by partying it out in Napa Valley. This also comes on the heels of eight California lawmakers deciding to take a nice trip to Hawaii to attend a conference amidst a travel ban.

Starting on Saturday and running up to a month, Newsom announced California will be under a so-called “limited” but mandatory stay-at-home order plus overnight curfew on some residents.

Non-essential work and gatherings will be prohibited from 10pm to 5am daily for an entire month. The governor’s order is set to expire on December 21 at 5am.

The governor’s order is to be imposed on all purple-tier (the highest mark for Covid-19) counties, which includes all Southern California. The order, which is far more specific than the one given out back in March, impacts hours when people tend to engage in social activities and outings.

Homeless people are exempt from the order. Restaurants will only be allowed to offer takeout orders after 10pm and nonessential business must close under the curfew.

California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said in a news briefing, “[…] today’s actions will help us bring down transmission and flatten our curve, this time in a very important and urgent way.”

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