The Quest to Kick Out Governor Newsom is Here

Photo by Chris Stone

The French Laundry incident, were California’s COVID-19 Czar Gavin Newsom dined with 12 other people that were not members of his family, has sparked an interest in recalling the governor. The governor has also decided to send his children to in-person private schooling, contrary to his calls to shut down all schools (public, of course).

Last week, conservative activists were able to get a 120-day court extension to continue the quest to gather recall signatures. Tom Del Beccaro, head of the drive, stated that he hopes the court ruling will be a “game changer.”

Republican activists hope that together with the recent business closures and ever-changing curfews, they will be able to go through with a recall election last performed in 2003. As Andrea Hedstrom, a self-described long time Democrat, said, “[…] Gavin Newsom has continued to keep his kids in tuition-based schools. And I see them here in Sacramento playing with nannies and dog walkers” while her husband has had to take a third job.

To complete the task of making the recall possible, activists will have to gather nearly 2 million signatures by March 17, 2021. As a result of the stay-at-home orders and curfews, these organizers will also be presented with the challenge of finding people out in the streets.

The longshot prospect of recalling Governor Newsom could turn out to be a total fiasco and waste of time. Governor Newsom, besides his stupidities and hypocrite behavior in recent days, has a good support base and strong polling numbers to an extent. He could easily knock off a recall. His absence from the media in almost a week, though, shows some vulnerability. This does not mean it is enough of a weakness to kick him out of office.

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