ABC’s Political Director Rick Klein Mirrors Hitler in Calling for Cleansing

As if things could not get any worse in this country, ABC News’ political director, Rick Klein, has called for the “cleansing” of the millions of Americans who voted for Trump. Considering that Mr. Klein is the main person that steers ABC News’ political division, this makes it an obvious testament to the fact that our news media is biased to its core.

In a long-deleted Twitter post, Mr. Klein said:

“Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.”[1]

You can still read the full article by Mr. Klein in the link below, provided ABC News does not delete it, of course. In the article, though, Mr. Klein switched the word “cleansing” to “cleaning”. Mr. Klein had the nerve to switch out his statement as a full-faith reporter whose contract with the public is clear. What is clearer is that this man is obviously a coward for not owning up or taking responsibility for his words. Yet again, these so-called progressives never own up to anything.

If any anchor on any radio or television station were to say the same thing about Biden supporters or BLM activists, the death nails begin to drop. News stations everywhere begin rolling out hundreds of opinion and “fact-based” articles on the evil of such words. CNN anchors come out with their ready-to-cry faces calling for removals and “necessary” censorships.

The last time anyone or any country has called for state-sponsored cleansing has been Hitler, Milošević, Rwanda. In these examples we see the atrocities of such “cleansing” that Mr. Klein apparently approves, probably in a more humane way. Mr. Klein most likely is referring to complete censorship and canceling of anyone who expresses support, or even leans, to the right or is pro-Trump. An outrageous call for the stripping of freedom of speech.

Yet again, one can wonder, what storm would it cause if Mr. Klein would have stated this against Biden or left-wing supporters? Is not calling for a cleansing enough to get this person fired? Is not his choice of words enough to get him to make an apology?

Not enough since it is against pro-Trump supporters. As of right now, any person who rightly expresses their political support for the current president is almost labeled a Nazi or fascist. A rather unfortunate symptom of a neurosis which places “my way” conclusions over discourse. Mr. Klein’s “cleansing” plan is not far-off what others in the country would love to do, which is even more terrifying. Twitter and Facebook already do it with impunity.

Even after you have read this, the media coverage of this will be nonexistent. Our jobs as citizens of this United States, however, is to always remain vigilant.


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