Another “Progressive” Politician Forgets She Was Part of a So-Called “Insurrection”

Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant (a self-declared, unrepentant Socialist) has blasted protesters in Washington D.C. who were present at the Capitol this week as violent and horrific. She tweeted the following on January 7th, 2021:

“The far-right mob that took over the Capitol never would have gotten past the front door if federal police hadn’t allowed them to storm in. The simple fact is that left-wing protesters get treated with brutality, while right-wing protesters get coddled.”

January 6th, 2021:

“My office supports the peaceful counter-protests that are being called by working people and socialists as part of an immediate fightback against the far right. The only defense is a mass movement of workers, labor unions, social movements, socialists to SHUT DOWN the far right!”

Sawant is quite angry about what happened on that momentous day and questions why in the world would anyone break into the Capitol. She was probably thinking about the words of the greatest stateswoman of all, Greta Thunberg, “How Dare You!!!”

How dare these people break into a temple of democracy. How dare they “vandalize” the tenets of the Republic.

However, Council member Sawant, a member of the Socialist Alternative (as if things could not get more far-left), has clearly forgotten her role in breaking into a temple of democracy, literally.

Sawant led and directed a takeover of Seattle City Hall back in June of 2020, calling for the mayor’s resignation and defunding the Seattle Police Department. The thousands of demonstrators even began saying “Whose City Hall? Our City Hall”. Let us not forget that these same people who marched in took over a large swath of a city section which they called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. If the protesters at the Capitol in Washington D.C. were to have done this, the reaction would have been worse than now. The media would have been giving everything they got to get those people out of there.

Since these demonstrators in Seattle were not part of the right, though, the city even gave them a couple days to stay at their Autonomous Zone. Some outside the state were even celebrating it. People are criticizing the march on Washington D.C. because the police were too lenient. Yet, last year that was the case for the left as well. This utopia of sorts came crashing down as health issues and bad hygiene became apparent.

For her actions of taking over Seattle City Hall, Sawant is now facing a recall. Sawant even has a fundraising campaign to battle the recall.

What if the left were to have taken over the Capitol? Based on the media’s treatment of what they fail to call them for what they are, left-wing extremists, it seems they would have touched upon it with only a hint of criticism. Why? Because they are afraid to go against a movement that has been growing in our midst. The left always talks about an impending right-wing movement growing, yet they themselves are the threat. Last year, they burned down businesses and property to make their point across. Think about it, they will go as far as to burn down buildings to make themselves be heard. What is that compared to breaking into the Capitol (which suspiciously carries all the hallmarks of Antifa…uhm…Seattle? Anyone?). A building with representatives on both sides of the aisle who have proven they do not have a backbone. If a break-in was intentionally carried out by these protesters, then it was within their right to express their dissatisfaction with a system that time and again has failed the American people. Sedition? These are Americans who want their freedoms protected from an entitled elite.

According to people like Sawant (which is basically all of Hollywood and the large pockets of progressives in major cities), no one is within their right to break into a government building to protest unless they are socialist or progressive enough. That in itself is fascist. That is inherently totalitarian. We should not be surprised, though. After all, these are people who hide under the veil of democracy and social democracy to not expose their true intentions for the United States. Make no mistake, these are not your typical social democrats, these are true socialists, if they even deserve that title.

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