Censoring in Social Media Will Only Exacerbate Chaos

Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As people egg on the giants of social media to deplatform and silence accounts mostly, if not all, associated with the right, we must stop to reflect what in the world this means in the long run.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey suggested that this silencing is not tantamount to censoring since it is targeting violent speech that inevitably leads to more violence. Yet the Ayatollah of Iran has consistently made anti-Semitic, Holocaust denial claims plus inciting acts of terrorism through Dorsey’s platform. Dorsey’s excuse to let these comments from a leader slide is that this language us usual among countries. In other words, if the Ayatollah of Iran is telling people to drive the Jews into the sea, it is okay. Matter of fact, it is protected speech.

Yet, President Trump’s tweets, the leader of the free world, elected by the citizens of a democratic republic, are not protected because they clearly and unmistakably incite “violence”. Trump calling on his supporters to “fight” is not a clear indication of the president giving the green light to storm and wreak havoc on our nation.

Yet this was enough for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to outright violate the president of the United States own freedom of speech.

The left’s excuse is that this persecution will eventually silence once and for all the voices of “dissent and extremism”. Yet, the more the censor the other side who do not agree with them, more than 75 million Americans, the more the other side will be vindicated in the idea that there is an actual conspiracy to eliminate them from politics. And this impending persecution is being made obvious by the actions being taken. Some university professors, those that are responsible for upholding the light of freedom of thought, are openly demanding suppression of the right. Michelle Obama called for the silencing of Donald Trump in a not-so-subtle speech to the nation.

In the end, the minorities on the right that flirt with extreme actions will eventually make the left’s nightmares come true. It is like putting a lid on a pot of heating water, it will eventually explode. Censoring the other side to the point of exasperation will take its toll. As a result, the left will point fingers saying “Look, we told you so, these people are violent.” Yet the same would be true if the right were to have done the same to the other side.

It is rather interesting to see how the right has never called for censorship for the left. It has always been the left wing, the new progressives that have taken over the Democratic Party and corporations, that have been outspoken about censoring opposing views different from theirs.

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