Biden Just Killed Jobs in a Matter of Days

President Joe Biden, who has slammed Trump on his job record, just killed more jobs at the expense of the American worker. Biden has shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, costing the workforce 11,000 jobs directly and over 60,000 jobs indirectly.

Biden did not even offer an explanation as to why his administration decided to shut down the project. The administration basically perceives that the American people will be able to understand the why without an explanation. This is just but an example of liberal thinking nowadays, shutting down stuff with no explanation given.

American energy independence has always been a goal since the days of Obama. Yet, this new administration has given China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries the upper hand.

Biden even placed a 60-day moratorium on energy and natural gas, mostly affecting New Mexico, where most of the production comes from. So much so that now New Mexico, the state that flipped to give Biden his winning votes, is now regretting it. Citizens of New Mexico are now questioning whether the president has essentially stabbed them in the back.

Instead of the United States becoming energy independent, the administration is reverting it back to energy dependent. This equals to more pollution. Why? The countries that sell us their stock of energy do so in an unclean and free of inspection. Cheap resources.

Is this good for the country? No. Are these left-wing progressives or the blind media pointing out such obvious facts? No.

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