SF School Board Votes to Wipe Off 44 School Names

The San Francisco School Board has committed itself not to helping children in the ongoing Chinese virus problem or to provide more materials for its low-income students, but instead it has placed forth its resources to…and this is the best part…renaming schools.

That’s right. The school board has voted to rename 44 schools with names they deem evil and unworthy of mention. That includes Dianne Feinstein Elementary, Abraham Lincoln High School, and Paul Revere K-8.

And it keeps getting a heck of a lot better. The school board unanimously voted to issue a formal apology to Native American families for “land theft and the pain and trauma caused by racist imagery, textbooks and mascots, while allocating $200,000 to the district’s American Indian Education program.”

And if that is not enough, the school board reportedly has no idea why it is even renaming some of the schools. They hardly consulted with historians and can barely explain their decision for renaming each school.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported,

The months-long debate garnered national attention, with former President Donald Trump tweeting about it, stoking an ongoing culture war that has intensified in recent months.

Many San Francisco parents — as well as Mayor London Breed — argued the effort was ill-timed given the pandemic and the impact on children, especially students of color, and the fact that students are not even in the schools subject to renaming. Some criticized the board Tuesday for focusing on symbolism rather than the urgent reality facing struggling students, who are approaching a year in distance learning, with many struggling academically, socially and emotionally.

And the renaming is likely to be costly. It’s unclear how much the district will spend on new signage, repainted sports fields or gym floors, athletic, band or other uniforms, and other administrative costs. But based on other districts across the country, it could cost San Francisco at least $1 million to rename the 44 school sites and potentially significantly more. The district faces a significant budget deficit, which could reach $75 million next school year. The board’s Tuesday night agenda did not include items related to the academic or health impact on students or about reopening schools to the youngest or most vulnerable students.

Yet another example of the revisionism unleashed by the growing progressive left.

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