Biden Insists on Keeping Away from Impeachment Trial

Scott Eisen / Getty Images

President Biden asserted once again his hands-off position concerning the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

When asked by reporters on his thoughts relating to the upcoming trial, Biden just stated, “Let the Senate work that out.” Biden’s unwillingness to give much thought into the matter (at least if we take the president’s words at face value) is a punchline to his message of “restoration” and “unification.” Two dogmas which now basically mean if you’re not part of the new doctrine dominated by leftists and spineless politicians, you are not on the right side of history.

Biden believes that by maintaining this neutral stance he hopes to unify both the left and the right. Biden is banking heavily on the idea that the impeachment trial will not degrade the message he has been delivering for over 2 years as a presidential candidate.

Yet, this feat might be too enormous to accomplish at this point. With the country more divided than ever before on political lines, it is hard to imagine that the stain of an impeachment trial will never reach the White House. It is absurd to even think so.

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